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Social Media Engagement

November 3, 2012

This week’s two articles focus primarily on engaging customers through social media, and the things  that stood out the most to me were the cut and dry statistics from each articles graphics. For instance, the face that the top business objective of social media, above revenue generation,was better customer engagement. Initially, that shocked me, simply because as a business you want to grow your business, and increasing revenue plays a major part in that. However, the more I thought about it, if you have improved customer engagement, and thus more exposure, ultimately your revenue will grow. I always remember this quote from Chick-fil-A’s Truett Cathy, when he said “If we get better, our customers will demand we get bigger.” It starts with the image of your business, and how you connect with your client base that will drive your revenue.

Another staggering set of information came in the Engagement Marketing Fever article and the IBM survey of 1700 CEOs. 80% of those surveyed said they currently use face-to-face type engagement methods and only 16% currently use social media. However, in the next 3-5 years, that number jumped to 57%. I personally no longer think social media provides a competitive advantage, but it can be a disadvantage. Companies that are not in social media are at a disadvantage to their competitors, but they have chosen to put themselves in that spot.

As the article goes on and shows survey results of how companies use social media, the top reason is to monitor what customers are saying about their brand. I truly believe there are so many different ways for companies to benefit from social media, it would be hard to count them all. In this case, I think a lot of companies also monitor what customers are saying about their competitors, as well as to gain competitor insight, possibly from people sharing private information. Let’s think about a few instances over the past few years where this has happened. I can remember two distinct instances where a company(i.e. Apple, Google, etc.) have a prototype of their to-be released phone and they have employees testing these phones. Those phones are shown to the public in bars, clubs, etc. or, in the most recent case, left behind accidentally. In the latter, the phone and it’s features are made known to the public, which is free competitor insight for other companies in the industry, and most the information is shared via social media.

It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually we started to see companies begin to hire new employees to simply run their social media business, from marketing to competitor analysis, to advertising. Truth be told social media is here now and will continue to shape the future of business for many years to come.


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  1. First off, great blog.
    If I could sum up the reasoning by the increase in revenue due to customer engagement it would be, “numbers don’t lie.” In any business, the level of your customers satisfication will almost always directly reflect your financial gain or loss. To me, it seems like common sense, if a customer is unhappy with the service or product of a customer, they will search for an equal substitution that fits better to their liking.
    I can see where the percentage of social media engagemnent would increase along with the popularity increase in social media. Most companies that ask for their customers to participate in social media, are a mostly digital. As of late, the only place that I have have been to that has a physical survey is the Stardome Comedy Club in Hoover. Their survey participation is successful in part to their “giveaways” to those who participate.
    I agree with you that future businesses could potentially hire employees just for social media performance in part to is popularity. Just as our previous readings, social media and and the internet is becoming more of a worldwide trend.

  2. charitykamau permalink

    Great blog! I too was shocked about the fact that only 16% of businesses currently use social media. With all the advertisements we get bombarded with in Facebook, I’d be shocked to see what 100% social media use looks like. I also think that another reason most companies use social media is to find out what the consumers think about certain ideas they would like to introduce and also getting feedback on what they already have in the market. Actually, we already have companies that have social media teams as we’ve seen in previous readings in this course.

  3. I definitely agree that social media use for businesses is here to stay and will only continue to grow. Companies are already taking initiatives to hire employees to manage their social media sites and engage consumers through these sites. It is such an easy way for businesses to stay connected with their customers. Social media allows the company to get feedback on what they are doing right, as well as what they need to change in their business. As long as companies find ways to engage their consumers and have them respond to their social media actions, I see nothing but positive results for companies from the use of social media.

  4. I like the way your blog was straight to the point. Social media in my opinion can be a disadvantage for some companies. The reason is lack of checking the media. Customers often vent through social media which other customers read. You have to realize that as a company you need to get involved. Social media is not going anywhere and is here to stay. Companies need to pick up the past or get left behind. Thats the rule of the thumb.

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